{July 6, 2011}   Something completely different

The last few entries have been along the same tone: aw man, this Chicago stuff…

That in mind, I have something different for today. Still applies to the Institute though. Today, I will venture forth from my mom’s house and explore several bookstores. I have a few assignments for the Institute that require me to go to bookstores and wander around (economics workshop, marketing workshop, design workshop), and I’m actually quite excited to get out of the house for a couple reasons.

1. I’ve been sitting in the chair in my room reading from the Chicago Manual for a couple days now. It’s getting a little old. (And there’s still so much left!)

2. Through my old job, I learned of a whole bunch of independent bookstores in and around my area of town (sort of. Most of them are up in the Denver area, but I’m not too far south of that).

So in a few hours I will take off and spend my afternoon immersed in glorious bookshelves in stores I’ve never been to before. Should be fun.

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