{August 1, 2011}   Up a Notch

OK, I think I need to try something different. This whole one-day-at-a-time approach is, quite frankly, a little stressful for me and somewhat boring to read. I go back through my old posts and I don’t even want  to read them. So we’re tossing that out the window. In it’s place…I’m not sure.

Editing is over. Last workshop for it was on Friday, and I wasn’t sorry to see it go. I like editing, but I’m excited to be moving on to the marketing segment of the Institute. I’m actually rather interested in this part, even if I don’t end up in marketing for the rest of my life, because it’s interesting to compare the marketing strategies of a large house, like HarperCollins, to those of a small press, like the one I worked for before this. I recognize a lot of what he said, but at the same time, some of the things he talks about couldn’t be done where I was. A big house has a lot more clout than a small one, so his blithe comments on getting books and authors onto The Today Show, NPR, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and other such shows were almost unfathomable to me. Fancy packaging is also something a little out of reach for where I was, though I think stickers worked well in that capacity.

It does feel good to be one of the few people in the room with a foreknowledge of this, though. I got lucky with my internships and jobs and landed in marketing. Other people landed in editing and had an edge over the rest of us during that week. And some people will be better at some aspects than others and that’s natural.

Marketing should be fun, though. We’re in groups of ten and each person has a different book to come up with a marketing campaign for. My book is the book I’d hoped to get (and I’ll plug it shamelessly here once it actually gets through publication next year), so I should have a fun time coming up with interesting ideas to market the book in unique and crazy ways. Maybe not too crazy.

That’s all for now!


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