{August 1, 2011}   One week left

And then, dear reader, I will be all alone again. Well, maybe not, that seems a little melodramatic. I just have no idea what I’ll be doing after this week is over. Will my new friends pack up and head to New York? Will I be able to find some sort of job in the Colorado area? It’s all a little up in the air, and I don’t like that.

I accidentally had that last post as a draft, so now there’s two updates on the same day about totally different days.

Last week ended on a brilliant note: free books. Some of the presenters occasionally bring books that are raffled to the students. I’d missed three raffles, stupid randomization technology, but go the fourth, a brilliant book of protest songs. Haven’t sunk my teeth into it yet, but it looks promising. 33 Revolutions Per Minute. According to my father, 33 1/3 is the speed LPs ran at. At least, that’s what I think he said. I forget the units on that, but 33 is an important number.

Our marketing presenter also brought more books than raffle books, and we all walked away with a giant stack of ARCs and, in a few rare cases, fully published books. Some of the ARCs I scored are already published: a copy of Lauren Myracle’s Shine and 33 Revolutions. One’s set for September, another for October. It’s fantastic to actually be filling up this bookshelf here. I only unpacked one box of books because I’m working through the Redwall series and that box had those books in it. The box didn’t have too many books in it, so there was lots of empty space. No more!! In fact, I think I even ran out of room to put back the book I had already borrowed from my shelf. Oh dear.

I was sad to see marketing end; it was a fantastic lecture series and our week-long presenter was such a fabulous guy. I’m really going to miss him. This next week is a hodgepodge of things, including interviews and the legal lecture. That one I’m actually super excited for: I think copyright is fascinating.

Also at the end of last week, we visited Fulcrum Publishing in Golden. They do some terrific nonfiction, and we got to talk to each of the departments (editorial, marketing, design and production, and administration). Though I’m not big into nonfiction, though I need to change that, I think that would be a cool place to work. It’s a small press, only about 20 employees, and I like small presses.

Welp, tomorrow is independent publisher day. We were supposed to create a book pitch over the weekend, and we get to toss our ideas at the publishing house of our choice. It’s only a little intimidating.

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