{July 21, 2011}   Editing woes

A single day post? Yes indeed!

Wednesday started with the editing workshop like most days have recently. We were given a little time to work quietly on our homework while the two professional editors running the workshop circulated to answer any thorny editing questions we may have. I felt pretty good about my edit, though I worried that maybe I hadn’t edited it enough for their tastes. But I left it because I thought it conveyed what the author was trying to say (at least in my mind and my limited understanding of the rest of the book, which is to say zero). The editor conducting this part of the workshop disagreed. We go through the “answer” key once we turn in our homework to show us what we probably should have done. I understand this and I like it. However, what I do not like is being shut down by an editor who thinks that the way he edited a passage is the correct way and the students’ differing opinions are not right. I do not raise my hand in a class unless I really have something to say. I raised my hand yesterday. My point was listened to, vaguely, and then thrown out the window as “no, that’s not what the author is really going for.”

I left the room annoyed at editing and annoyed at the editor. My colleagues and I are part of the next generation of editors. Shouldn’t our thoughts be considered and given due weight? Yes, we’re not professionals yet, but we’re being educated at a grad level and that should count for something. You’d think.

I sat with my friends and the religious publisher speaker slated for the afternoon at lunch. He was amusing and interesting, happy to talk to a bunch of young girls about publishing and how to make a lasting impression on people you interview with.

The editor, publisher, and founder of 5280 came to talk to us about magazine publishing. Yay for a free copy of the magazine! I also went up to talk to him afterward and got a good contact for sending books for review to. Yay for networking!

The religious publisher told us what it’s like to work in religious publishing, how it’s more than Christian publishing though that is a part of it, and some funny stories about his time in the business. It’s not for me because I’m not crazy into religions, which he says it’d be good if you were, but it’s always good to get a thorough education, as I mentioned last entry.

And then I hung out with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and did some homework. Yep, that’s my life. School and homework.


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